NEWS ➢ PVP RTS Iron Conflict Launches F2P on 08/26 (PC)

Iron Conflict is leaving paid early access to become a free-to-play game (for windows PC via Steam) on August 26 at 2:00 AM GMT. The release update will also introduce a new 3v3 “Tactical Offensive” mode and some ingame goodies to make it easier for new comers to start and enjoy the game.

Pre F2P Development

Iron Conflict has been packed with new content updates since early access release in january 2021, including new maps, units, gameplay modes, a UI update, and more (thanks to the support of backers). “After months of testing and optimization, the quality of the game has greatly improved. Now we are looking forward to welcoming new commanders into our ranks by making the game free to play”, the Iron Conflict team stated yesterday.

F2P Update and Gifts

1. EA Frontline Commander Gift Pack and Free Bonuses

A. To all commanders who purchased the game during the Early Access period, we have specially prepared a gift pack to thank you for your support and contribution:
EA Supporter Exclusive Unit x1 (2S7 self-propelled howitzer); Premium Card (30 days); Gold x5000, Silver x10,000,000; Rewards Bonus Cards x30
B. After the game goes free-to-play, all commanders old and new can click “Claim Pack” in the main menu to get the following bonus:
Premium Card (7 days); 2-hr EXP Bonus Cards x5; 2-hr Silver Bonus Cards x5; Rewards Bonus Cards x10; Field EXP x20,000; Silver x500,000

2. New 3v3 Mode and New Bear Faction Units

This update will include the new 3v3 “Tactical Offensive”gameplay mode as well as 48 new Bear Faction units, including artillery, anti-air guns, helicopters, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, and infantry. Keep your eyes peeled for additional announcements on their Steam store page for more info on these updates.

3. New Events

After going free-to-play, 5 major bonus events will go live. Pay attention to official social channels including our Discord ( for news on these events.

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