NEWS ➢ The Best F2P Coop Shooter Now on Nintendo Switch

Digital Extremes, the Canadian developer/publisher of the best and most generous free-to-play online coop shooter, delivers five years worth of amazing content, lore, and unparalleled Warframe action to the Nintendo Switch today, along with new dedicated trailer and a welcome event.

After its recent launch on PS4 and Xbox One, the award-winning cooperative online action game now also offers Nintendo Switch players the chance to experience the widely popular title, which mixes lightning-fast action, deep RPG customization and crafting, 1-4 player cooperative online play, and the most generous type of F2P model found in the industry, with 38 million players worldwide constantly kept happy since the game’s PC release in 2013.

Warframe launches on Nintendo Switch

Celebration/Welcome Package

In celebration of this launch, Digital Extremes has created a package of free items that should warm players up during the cold holidays! To access these free gifts, players simply need download Warframe and install the Comms Segment in the Vor’s Prize tutorial quest, then check their in-game message inbox before December 4. The launch gift includes:

  • 3 Day Affinity Booster: With this Booster, all of your gear will rank up faster. As you play, your Weapons and Warframes will gain Affinity and rank up. Ranking up increases the Mod Capacity of an item, so you can equip those upgraded Mods.
  • Orokin Catalyst: An item used to supercharge all Weapons, including Arch-guns, Arch-melee, or Sentinel Weapons. It will double their mod capacity.
  • Orokin Reactor: Immediately doubles the Mod Capacity of any Warframe. Install this Reactor on your Warframe’s Upgrade screen.
  • Forma: When a Warframe or Weapon reaches max rank, you can choose to install a Forma on the Upgrade screen. Forma resets the rank of an item back to 0, but it Polarizes a Mod Slot to save on Mod Capacity. Forma is mostly used later in the game, but when you’re ready, it’s there for you.
  • 50k Credits (Frugal Credit Bundle): The legal tender of the Origin System. Credits are used to buy new Weapons and Warframes, but they’re also used to upgrade Mods — the primary source of gear power in Warframe.

More details about the Switch launch can be found in the official Annoucement page.

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