NEWS ➢ Top-Down Battle Royale Gene Shift Auto Becomes F2P

After 5 years in Early Access, Gene Shift Auto (previously called Geneshift) is now Free to Play on PC (Windows/Linux). The game is a positively reviewed twin-stick battle royale with the look and feel of a revamped GTA I, and it is hoped that the move will bring far more players into the community.

F2P Model

The multiplayer, battle royale mode of the game is Free to Play, and the singleplayer/coop survival mode is available for people who own the Deluxe Edition DLC (which also contains other goodies like bonus challenges, cosmetics, kill coins etc).
The game has no P2W or veteran advantages. The publisher, Nik Nak Studios, has stated that in order to win, you simply need to think fast and shoot faster than the others.

About Gene Shift Auto

Gene Shift Auto is a very positively reviewed GTA-inspired PvPvE battle royale for PC (Windows/Linux). Each of the 3 rounds lasts only 5 minutes (instead of one long round), so you’ll need to think fast to create a build that can win the final showdown. Your skill build progresses from round to round, and if you die you get to keep playing too. You’ll play as a zombie and can loot for the next round – or hunt down a survivor to revive. No queueing time, no getting booted to the main menu, just pure refined non-stop action.

Posted on: December 1, 2022 - by Mike (admin)
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