NEWS ➢ Warface Launches Worldwide on PS4 with New Content

Five years after its PC release, free-to-play modern military shooter Warface by Crytek is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, and launches with new PVE and PVP content.

New PVE Mission: Earth Shaker

You are advised you take a fire-resistant equipment set for this multi-tier challenge as the Earth shaker mission takes place in the core of an active volcano. It is the only raid with four difficulty levels, with the Nightmare mode added for the most experienced players.

New PVP Mode: Blitz

The new Blitz mode combines the best of Team Deathmatch and Plant the Bomb, so as to provide faster and more dynamic matches with a few regulatory tweaks applied to the original Plant the Bomb mode. In this 90-second time limited mode, one team has to disarm a bomb and prevent the target from blowing up, while the second team has to prevent its opponent from getting to the explosive.

Free Weekend

Cross-Platform Play?

There won’t be any cross-play functionality between PC and PS4 platforms. Warface PS4 players will play exclusively with and versus other PS4 players. The decision to implement such feature has not even been made or announced at this stage. In any case, even if Warface had ready-to-dispatch cross-platform functionality allowing PC and PS4 players to join the same game sessions, it would abstain from implementing it as Warface is set to launch on Xbox One as well. Since Sony refuses to participate in cross-console play, allowing PS4/PC pairing would lead to the outright exclusion of Xbox One players.

More details about the PS4 release can be found on the official patch page: Full Patch Notes

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