NEWS ➢ Warframe Coming to Switch in Just 2 Months

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes announced today that its highly popular free-to-play cooperative online action shooter & RPG game Warframe will be available for digital download on Nintendo Switch Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

After amassing 38 million registered users over its five-year growth cycle on multiple systems (Windows, Playstation 4 & xBox One), Digital Extremes has planned to offer Nintendo Switch players an unparalleled blend of fast, fluid combat, deep RPG and customization systems, and a constantly evolving stream of updates, all couched in a free-to-play imaginative science fiction setting. In collaboration with developer Panic Button (Doom, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Rocket League), Warframe‘s cooperative 1-4 player gameplay will give Nintendo Switch players a totally new opportunity to play with friends online in the role of a space ninja to explore the Origin System for free.

Nintendo Switch Subscription-Free?

There have been a lot of questions lately surrounding the fate of free-to-play games once the online subscription plan comes to the Switch on Sept. 18, 2018. Since Nintendo subscription plans show that online gameplay isn’t available to non-subscribers(1), many have feared they would need to pay the online service in order to play their f2p games. However, it has been confirmed that games like Fortnite will be exempt from switch subscription(2), and from that official statement, it is almost certain that Warframe will not require online membership, but we’ll get confirmation soon enough.


It is not yet officially known whether Warframe will have cross-platform functionality, that would enable players across PC and consoles to join the same game sessions, but since Warframe currently does not support it and no announcement has been made in this direction, a part from Director Steve Sinclair mentioning only a desire to support cross-play many years ago, it can be safely assumed that it won’t. Moreover, considering that Warframe isn’t an MMO per se and that it is mainly played up to 4 players per game session, cross-platform support might not be that important anyway.

Stay Tuned

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