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Digital Extremes has just released a video preview of Warframe’s coming expansion titled Plains of Eidolon. For the first time in Warframe history, you will not be bound by predefined linear paths and will be able to explore, fight, journey, and fly through the open world of Planet Earth’s Landscapes.

Plains of Eidolon

In this new open world map, you will be able to explore, discover, fight, fish and fly through Warframe in a way you never have before. In the Plains of Eidolon you will set foot in a Landscape larger than anything seen in Warframe. You will also have the opportunity to summon an Archwing for air travel and battle, and experience the great outdoors as you hunt for resources in the rivers and streams. The map also features a day-night cycle with corresponding challenges. While the open world map won’t be procedurally generated, the encounters and activities found there will be.

Ostron Civilization

In the plains of Eidolon you will find the bustling town of Cetus and will meet its scavenger inhabitants, the Ostrons. Look for missions, storylines, and news from the workers, scavengers, women, and children and take a leading part in the protection of Cetus and its people from the Grineer patrols using parkour, stealth and air travel. Make use of Ostron gear to your advantage with their unique modular weapons and fit in with the natives with new Warframe customizations.
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