NEWS ➢ New event and content in Skara 0.8.0

SKARA – The Blade Remains has just released Update 0.8.0 for its Free-to-Play Open Alpha. The update fires up a new lore event and introduces a new map as well as progression rewards and an early access skin gift for backers.

Lore event: Echoes from the Zem

Lore events are a great feature of Skara. It allows the best players to be part of the game’s lore! “Our Lore events are a successful way for players to earn rewards and to become immortalized in Skara’s lore forever!” explains Pablo Rodriguez, CEO of SKARA.
Echoes from the Zem just started and will follow nearly the same rewards structure as in the “Cataclysm” event that took place in February: there will be special rewards for the top 10 players in the event’s General Ranking and for the Top 1 in each Culture Ranking. The only difference is that every participant will receive a gift. It is due to end at 5pm CET next Monday the 15th.

New Map: Gâo-di – Temple of the Zem

After many iterations, we have come up with a new map setting that grants a really fun experience: set on the peak of a mountain, it has many bottlenecks, a completely new ambientation and its own special mechanics to redefine the way you play Skara. Words just stay short to what it really is… Enter the game and discover it!

Progression rewards

We are happy to introduce this feature that will allow you to earn skin rewards for free as you gain experience. The first reward will be given to you early, so they will probably be easy to acquire, but you will have to climb the experience ladder in your player account in order to unlock all of them. Reaching a certain level with a specific culture will also grant you a reward.

Early Access Skin

The Vulkhän Skin is now available and has been gifted to all previous Early Access backers, depending on their contribution. It won’t remain unnoticed to all survivors who fight any Khärn that wears it.

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