NEWS ➢ Black Desert Free By Completing 14-day Challenge (PC)

To celebrate their new partnership with Netflix Original Series, Cursed, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced that a free copy of Black Desert Online (PC) can be earned (yet again) by completing the 14-day trial challenge, that is by reaching level 50 on a (non Steam) trial version within 14 days.

About the 14-day Trial Challenge

The 14-day trial challenge consists in reaching level 50 on a character before the 14-day trial expires. This giveaway event runs July 22 (after maintenance) and August 5 (before maintenance). As long as you sign up between July 22 and August 5, you can enjoy the extended 14-day free trial period and try to level up your character to Lv. 50 during this extended trial period. For example, if you register on August 4, you will have until August 18 to level your character up to Lv. 50 and get your free game pass.
Players who succeed will be rewarded with a free Starters Package worth $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99. This giveaway doesn’t apply to the Steam client, but to the official and independent one found on Black Desert’s website.

How long does it take to reach Level 50?

Players have reported it would take around 7-10 hours to complete the challenge (reach level 50) without resorting to XP boosts nor help from other players.

More details about Black Desert Online’s 14-day Trial Challenge can be found on the official Press Release

Posted on: July 23, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
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