NEWS ➢ Free Survivalist on Indiegala (PC)

DRM-free and Indie games-friendly platform Indiegala has partnered with game publisher Ginormocorp Holdings Ltd to give free copies of Survivalist, a fine post-apocalyptic, zombie-themed survival game for PC. It isn’t known how long the giveaway will last, so better grab it ASAP.

Free copy of Survivalist

Anyone can get a free copy of Survivalist on IndieGala, at The game is usually priced around 4 USD and is a fine platform game, worth adding to your game collection/library if you are a fan of the genre. Moreover, this is a DRM-free version which allows you to transfer your copy anywhere you want and to duplicate it as much as you like (for your own personal use).
The game needs be added to an IndieGala account/library for it to be downloaded directly. It isn’t known how long the giveaway will be available for.

About Survivalist

Survivalist is a post-apocalyptic, zombie-themed survival game for PC with both single-player and online coop gameplay. It’s one year after the collapse of civilization and self-centered hedge fund manager Joe Wheeler emerges from his specially constructed bunker in search of food. This is a huge open-world RPG where you have the freedom to play how you want – but your choices have consequences.

Posted on: March 26, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
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