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Dissidia Final Fantasy (Opera Omnia) is a free-to-play mobile RPG based on the Final Fantasy franchise, mixing both single-player and coop gameplay. Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities […]

Iphone & IpadAndroid

Hyper Universe was a free-to-play 3D side-scrolling & platform MOBA featuring champions called the Hypers. Pulled from across the universe, the Hypers take many shapes and sizes: A mage who rains down giant snowmen, a mongoose riding astride an armored rhinoceros, […]

xBox One

Tiger Knight is a free-to-play multiplayer online PVP game mixing real-time tactics and action role-playing elements in large-scale warfare. Tiger Knight reenacts large-scale wars in the Middle Ages, reproducing true equipment from history such as weapons, armors and horses. With its […]


Aiming to stay afloat by embracing the current trend in Battle Royale gameplay, Paladins will feature its own Battle Royale mode named Battlegrounds by the end of March, 2018. Whether this will attract new players or merely help retain existing ones is […]