NEWS ➢ Arcade Shoot’em Up Polychoron is out now (PC & Mobile)

FRACTiLE Games have released Polychoron, a six-degrees-of-freedom 3D arcade shoot’em up that brings back memories of game Descent from the 1990s. The game is now available on Windows, Linux, Android and the Web browser for free (or your own price if you want to thank and support the developer).

Where/How to play Polychoron

The game can be played in your browser with or through a desktop client on Windows, Linux and Android, with links accessible via (link above). (Windows, Linux and Android APK): (browser):
Google Play:

About Polychoron

Polychoron is a simple but challenging 3D arcade shoot’em up in an endless series of unique mazes. The objective is to navigate through the mazes, destroy hostile drones, collect score, and survive as long as possible, similar in gameplay to game Descent from the 1990s. The game also features a global high score table for those who fancy competition. FRACTiLE Games is an independent one-man game developer who has been making mostly PC shooter games since the 90s.

Posted on: September 22, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
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