NEWS ➢ Awesomenauts: What else to expect from F2P update

It should have come to your attention by now that Awesomenauts, a kind of platform MOBA, is about to become Free-to-play with 4.0 update, 5 years after initial launch in 2012. Update 4.0 brings more than a mere transition to F2P however. Let’s see what else is to be expected from it.

Big thanks to supporters

Everyone who played Awesomenauts before April 26th will automatically be rewarded ‘Founder’ status, granting an exclusive portrait and medal to show off. And if you own the base game plus both expansions before May 24th, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the ‘All Nauts Pack’, that is every Naut granted forever.

Achievements display

With custom Portraits, Droppods and Medals added as unlockables, you will be able to show off your skills out of combat too, thanks to a complete overhaul of the match intro and scoreboard that will display such achievements.
While portraits can be gained through normal progress, and Medals rewarded for special achievements, Droppods on the other hand, are bought with the new Awesomepoints currency.

Dual level up

When playing matchmade games, both your Profile and played Naut will gain experiences points separately, granting you more rewards. Items are now the first thing a ‘Naut unlocks, for faster build completion. Levels will also get you Portraits, Awesomepoints and other goodies.

Recruitment referral program

Reaching level 5 will grant you a special recruitment code that you can give to any other players. New players will be able to enter your key and unlock Raelynn, for free, and you will gain 1,000 Awesomepoints whenever a player that you have recruited reaches level 8.

Other features include a brand new tutorial to get started, a new “Armory” menu to manage your builds and other unlocked items, and the paid All Nauts Pack, for complete access to all past, present and future Nauts.

See full press release

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