NEWS ➢ Bethesda’s Giveaway of Quake 3 (PC)

Bethesda is offering Quake 3 Arena as part of their ongoing 25th annual QuakeCon event and in celebration of reaching the $20k goal in donations to charity.

How to unlock Quake 3

All players need to do is Log in to the Bethesda launcher between to receive Quake 3 for free in the next coming days, or so it has been reported (see Bethesda’s tweet bellow). If you don’t have the launcher or/and an account, head over to and download the launcher + create an account.

About Quake 3 Arena

Quake 3 is a 1999 multiplayer FPS developed by id Software and is the third game in the Quake series. Notable features of Quake III Arena include the minimalist design, lacking rarely used items and features, the extensive customization of character settings such as field of view, texture detail and enemy model, and advanced movement such as strafe-jumping and rocket-jumping.

Posted on: August 9, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
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