NEWS ➢ Casual VR Shooter VR Blast F2P for Next 2 Weeks

To celebrate and promote the release of a new update to their casual VR Shooter VR Blast, studio and publisher Inperson is granting free access to the game until the end of November 2021 on the Oculus App Lab.

Free-to-play trial and update

The devs of VR Blast are sharing a new version of the game and free full access during the next two weeks, with the following improvements brought to the game:
– Performance Optimization – improved gameplay performance, fixed occasional FPS drops in gameplay and menus, improved UI and font jitter.
– Local Leaderboard – compete against friends and family or track your progress using the “Local Leaderboard” tab! A highly requested new feature that only tracks scores made on your device.
– Shielder Block changes – Shielder Blocks now toggle their shields on and off every couple of seconds – shoot when the shield is off or you’ll have to wait for the next cycle!
– “Firebird” now “Bouncer” – changed the “Firebird” Block model, animations, and sound effects to better fit in with the rest of the game.
– Colorblind Mode – can now be toggled in settings to increase the contrast of basic color Blocks to better accommodate people with color blindness.
– Various graphic tweaks.

About VR Blast

VR Blast is an incredible roguelite arcade shooter that takes you into a unique world where you blast Blocks with awesome weapons. Dive into the arcade with immersive graphics, gameplay, and music – sitting or standing. Find the perfect match, trigger explosions and eliminate Shielded Blocks to avoid overloading the Board – or it’s game over! Unlock upgrades and choose the ultimate powerups to reach the furthest level possible!

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