NEWS ➢ Discord’s Giveaway of King of the Hat (Ends Feb. 22)

Discord, the extremely popular VoIP application for gamers, is running a giveaway event via its new digital distribution platform, letting anyone grab a free copy of multiplayer fighter satire, King of the Hat, if so they wish, before the event ends on February 22nd.

About the Giveaway

Players have until February 22nd to claim their free copy of King of the Hat, which merely consists in visiting the store’s page, creating an account if new to Discord, and clicking the “add to library” link:
Don’t be repelled by the seemingly over-simplistic and rough appearance of the game. King of the Hat is actually a fun and popular game to play.

About King of the Hat

King of the Hat is a fast-paced, hat-based, children-friendly multiplayer platform fighter by Hyroglyphik Games, available on PC and Switch. In this cutesy dystopian world everyone is born with a hat that hosts their soul, and can only die if their hat gets crushed. Your hat can be used as a weapon BUT BE CAREFUL because its also your weakness. Jump around, whip your hat at your friends, crush theirs, and become the King of the Hat, through friendly or Ranked games.

Posted on: February 18, 2019 - by Mike (admin)
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