NEWS ➢ F2P Arena Shooter Rawmen Open Beta Announcement

The open beta for food-themed arena shooter Rawmen (PC and Console) will happen this summer, starting on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, courtesy of publisher tinyBuild and developer Animal. A new trailer was released along with the announcement.

Open beta details

Players can now wishlist Rawmen on the Epic Games Store in order not to miss the launch of Open Beta this summer on PC, which will coincide with the introduction of a new Tournament system. Rawmen is also featured and playable at tinyBuild’s PAX East 2022 booth until April 24th.

About Rawmen

Rawmen is a “soup-slinging third-person shooter for up to 32 players” for PC and Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series). Design your perfect chef, then unleash delicious hell upon friends and rivals alike. Bound and slide through skate-park inspired arenas, master an assortment of devastatingly delicious food-based weapons (including the sausage-spraying Bratling Gun, and the powerful melee Smackeral Mackerel), and develop a taste for Rawmen assortment of meaty game modes.

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