NEWS ➢ F2P FPS The Finals Beta Signup & New Trailer

Upcoming free to play, team-based shooter game The Finals by Stockholm-based studio Embark Studios (the developers behind Ark Raiders) for PC (Windows) has opened registration for a 2-week round of closed beta testing set to begin on March 7th.

What’s the The Finals About?

The Finals is an eSports title meant to be played and watched like a spectacular combat game show, featuring fast paced, team and class-based tactical action (with a wide array of ranged/melee weapons and gadgets), and beautifully-rendered dynamic arenas based on real-world locations that players can alter, exploit, and even destroy (“Don’t just pull triggers – pull down buildings“).

Beta test registration

Players on PC (Windows) can now sign up or request access for alpha/beta testing on Steam. Starting March 7, Embark Studios will hold a two-week closed beta for THE FINALS.
Applying for beta testing doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to play the next play-test, but there is a good chance you will.

Follow the game on Twitter or Steam, or sign up to the newsletter on the game’s website.

Official Website:

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