NEWS ➢ F2P MMO Palia Coming to Switch this Summer, B4 or After PC

Free to play social MMO Palia will launch on the Nintendo Switch in the summer. Singularity 6 is still hoping to release the PC version prior to the Switch one. The game will be F2P-friendly, with microtransactions being limited to cosmetic items.

What kind of game is Palia?

Palia is referred to as a cozy MMO where players explore a vibrant land full of wonder and charm as they build a life and home for themselves. Many activities and related skills will be available for players to enjoy together on PC and Switch. There will be eight skills including foraging, mining, insect catching, gardening, bow hunting, furniture making, cooking, and fishing.
Palia is planned to support cross-progression and cross play, so you can bring your Palia character from PC to Nintendo Switch or vice versa and play with friends no matter their platform.

Cosmetic-only Microtransactions

Only cosmetic content will be monetized in Palia. At first, cosmetics will be in the form of character clothing and costumes, but more cosmetic options are considered. Singularity 6 has also stated that Palia won’t require a Nintendo subscription, making it truly free-to-play. More info on Palia’s business model can be found at:

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