NEWS ➢ F2P MMORPG Broken Ranks Gets Major Guild Update

Broken Ranks, a new free to play MMORPG with isometric view for Windows PC (Mac and Mobile versions in the works), and a successor to The Pride of Taern, just got a new Guild feature: guild land acquisition and headquarters creation, which may be purchased using in-game rewards.

The purchase of land (using gold which may be earned in game) allows guilds to found their headquarters and the construction of buildings which provide additional benefits including new pets, additional buffs, and the ability to teleport across the game world.

“Following the plan for this year, we’ve given players the first big update. We’re adding a lot of features to guilds, including the ability to buy guild land and create full-blown guild headquarters.” says the founder of Whitemoon Games, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

On top of this major Guild feature, along with bug fixes and tweaks, the update also adds a new side quest.

“Apart from guilds, this update introduces a new quest: Track. It’s another new piece of content after the quests Life’s a Dream and Shadows of the Past were added in mid-March. The patch also features new elements for female avatars, a rebalance of the upgrade flask crafting process and a lot of minor fixes.” adds Danilewicz.

Official update info:—q1-update

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