NEWS ➢ F2P MMORTS Call of Dragons to Launch 03/28, Pre-Reg. Open

Farlight Games have announced that their upcoming fantasy MMO real-time strategy game Call of Dragons is releasing on PC and mobile platforms on March 28, 2023 while currently accepting pre-registrations on Android and iOS for exclusive in-game rewards.

About Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is a massively multiplayer RTS by Farlight Games (Dyslite) that blends high fantasy themes with intense, real-time strategy combat on a massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Fortify your village, raise your army, and set forth with a fleet of powerful fire-breathing Behemoths to take control of surrounding kingdoms or build alliances with other players.

Call of Dragons features a roster of unique, fantasy-themed heroes and factions in an expansive and visually stunning setting. Complete quests and missions to unlock magical “Artifact Skills” to power up your hero and let the real fun begin with a myriad of different strategies you can employ, like invisibility during battle.

Encounter gigantic Behemoths throughout the land of Tamaris, such as the Giant Bear, where you’ll need to utilize your skills and tame the wild beast. Once you’ve slain these beats around the world, you’ll be able to take advantage of their skills and deploy them in battle.

Pre-Registration Rewards

– Silver Key x1
– 15-Minute Training Speedup x5
– Exclusive Avatar Frame x1
– Worker Recruitment (2d) x1
– Counterscout (24h) x1
– Gold Key x260
– Minute Building Speedup x8
– Universal Artifact Key x2
– Atheus x1

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