NEWS ➢ F2P PVP FPS World Boss Gets Rough Early Access Welcome

Free to play multiplayer online FPS (First person shooter) World Boss launched in early access (EA) today and didn’t get a warm welcome from Steam users even though the game is free. Here is a quick look into why.

EA Bugs and Performance Issues

Most unhappy players mention bugs and performance issues occurring even on high end computers, which may be the result of a poorly optimized game or/and server issues which are generally to be expected in early access releases, including long match making queues, laggy interface and navigation, random ejections from matches, and low frame rates. These issues should be resolved as the dev optimize the game and servers to cater for the bulk of new players who are joining with their own specifics (e.g. location, bandwidth and PC specs).

EA Monetization

Some of the unhappy users also lament the monetization used in what they consider to be an unfinished game based on the above, including a paid battle pass. However, it must be noted that the game isn’t pay to win, monetization being limited to cosmetic items, as is the case in most of the highly popular F2P-friendly games such as Fortnite and Fall Guys.

Worth Playing?

While the game has received mostly negative reviews on its first early access day, the game may still be smooth, fun, and enjoyable to play for those who don’t run into the performance issues reported above. For those experiencing these issues, it may be best to wait for performance fixes that may come in future updates. The game is free, F2P-friendly, not P2W (pay to win), in Early Access, and possibly fun, so it may be worth playing now or later if you are looking for a casual FPS which has a different feel to it.

Posted on: October 20, 2022 - by Mike (admin)
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