NEWS ➢ F2P PVP RPG Project Soul Kingdoms Looking for Backers

Seattle-based indie developer Power Proc Studios launched their crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming free to play arena RPG Soul Kingdoms, expected to release on PC end of 2022 in paid early access first. The game is currently in pre-alpha and may also be played by non backers during development.

Fundraising campaign

The campaign will be active until December 18th, and Power Proc Studios are seeking to raise $15,000 for their first major development milestone. The fundraising campaign is being run on their website (while signups for upcoming playtests can be done via their Discord channel). As with any such campaign, backers will have access to the game with exclusive goodies and will be able to shape the game’s development in closed alpha/beta tests, before and more than anyone else. Power Proc’s strategy is to develop the game step by step, focusing on releasing pure PvP game modes first, including Ranked.

Pre-Alpha Test and Tournament Access

Power Proc Studios will be holding multiple playtests and a live streamed 5v5 tournament for Soul Kingdoms in the coming weeks. While the last test occurred on Monday, 11/29, the next tournament is on Saturday, 12/11 at 11 a.m. PST, where the winners will be awarded the highest tier Founders Pack. Playtest and tournament participants will have a chance to win a Founders Pack for the game. If you’d like to participate in any upcoming tests or the tournament, head over to the Soul Kingdoms Discord to sign up.

About Soul Kingdoms

Soul Kingdoms will focus first and foremost on multiplayer PVP but will also expand on MMO PVE game modes. The first ranked game mode will be a 6v6 battleground, although the team plans to experiment with their own take on the genre. An MMO friendly space will supplement the arenas, namely The Town Hub which brings players together outside of matches and will include an explorable zone with areas for harvesting, crafting and trading, minigames, and dueling. PvPvE and PvE content has not been ruled out for future releases.

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