NEWS ➢ F2P RPG Ragnarok Origin Offers Chance to Win Tesla (Mobile)

Korean developer Gravity is opening pre-registration in North America and inviting anyone to join Ragnarok Origin for in-game goodies and a chance to win a real Tesla Model S when the game launches.

Pre-Registration Goodies

Players can pre-register now to claim items at launch, with every pre-registering player receiving a bundle of bonus starting items, with additional rewards available as more players register.

At launch, all players will receive:

1x Ring For Beginners (Stat boosting equipment)
3x Boxes of Potions (Consumable health, mana and food items)
1x Gym Pass (Permanently increases inventory capacity)
With four more tiers of additional items yet to be unlocked.

Chance to win Tesla Model S

To participate in the Tesla car prize draw, you only need to pre-register free of charge at the link provided above between September 10, 2021 and the North America launch date, which is not yet known. First a closed beta release date will be announced, reportedly soon.

About Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is a mobile re-envisioning of the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online, featuring improved graphics, more intense combat and refreshed and redesigned quests.

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