NEWS ➢ F2P Sandbox MMO Chimeraland NA & EU Registration

Level Infinite announced that players across Europe & North America can now pre-register for their upcoming F2P prehistoric open world sandbox game Chimeraland, which is due to launch this summer on PC (Steam), and iOS and Android devices.

Chimeraland Registration Benefits

All players registering will receive one of a number of exclusive in-game goodies to give them a head start when Chimeraland launches this summer. Further rewards will be unlocked for all players once pre-registrations hit 1 Million, 3 Million, 5 Million and 10 Million. Please check the official website for details and event rules.

About Chimeraland

Chimeraland is an F2P open world MMO game where players can explore and build, interact with rich exotic animals, fight, breed and tame pets, and survive in a dynamic a prehistoric mythical world where fantastical beasts roam the land, sea, and air. Once captured and tamed, players can transform their mount using Chimeraland’s innovative “evolution and devour” mechanic into hybrid animals. On devouring a rival Chimera, there is a chance to graft one of its body parts onto your pet – “you no longer need to imagine what a unicorn would look like with a scorpion’s tail!” Players are also able to create their in-game character and build the world of their dreams on the game’s expansive world map.

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