NEWS ➢ F2P Tactical Card & Grid Game Phobies Out Now

New free-to-play card and grid-based tactical game Phobies is now out on PC (Steam) and Mobile devices (Android/iOS). The game is centred around human phobias, and designed by industry veterans who developed Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege.

Mixing card and grid-based strategy

Gameplay in Phobies involves hex-based tactical combat and card-based actions. The game can be played in real time or switched to turn-based anytime using the Async Battle Mode, while a separate Arena Battle Mode is played in real-time PvP where skill and timing are crucial to victory.

Phobia inspired tactics

Each creature in the game has been designed around some of the deepest and darkest fears that humans have, including irrational ones. From mechanical monkeys to killer clowns, players have a wide selection of “Phobies” to collect and command, each with their own perks and upgrades. Understanding each one, its strengths, and its weaknesses is key to succeeding.

Pay-to-win alert

Caution advised if you are prone to spending or overspending in such games. Not only the card packs you may buy using real money may not yeld cards you want or need, but the more some players will spend on them, the more likely they will get stronger decks and be able to win. Cards and packs may be earned in the game though at a slower but enjoyable rate nonetheless.

Steam version:
Android version:
iOS version:

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