NEWS ➢ Free CoH2 – Ardennes Assault on Steam (PC, Mac & Linux)

Anyone can get a full copy of critically acclaimed AAA RTS title Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault for FREE on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) until 31 May @ 7:00pm, thanks to SEGA and Feral Interactive, as part of a Limited Free Promotional Package that also includes full base game Company of Heroes 2.

About the Company of Heroes 2 giveaway

Anyone can get the full version of Ardennes Assault and of Company of Heroes 2. Link:

About Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault

Ardennes Assault offers a compelling standalone single-player campaign starring the American Armed Forces. Engage in a dynamic non-linear campaign and bear the consequences of your actions as overall company health persists between missions. USF multiplayer army not included.

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