NEWS ➢ Free Copy of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

GameSessions, an online platform dedicated to providing PC players with a way to try out games, is offering a free copy of military simulator game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (17+), as part of their Giveaway program. From today through September 5, you may activate your Free Permanent Copy just by giving it a go for 5 minutes.

What is GameSessions about?

GameSessions is an online platform dedicated to providing players with a way to try out games for free before making any purchase, giving the players “a chance to play as much of the full game as they can during a specified trial period, without spending a penny”. And once in a while, the company gifts players a game to be activated and kept permanently for free, playable exclusively on GameSessions’ dedicated platform. They also offer a way to transfer your game to another platform (e.g. Steam) for a small fee, should you really need to.

What is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising?

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a military simulator game by Codemasters. The game includes single-player & co-op campaigns as well as 16-player multiplayer online gameplay. The game has a realistic depiction of war, especially of modern infantry combat, with careful attention to the detail of the weapons, equipment and tactics of the armed forces. There is also enough realism to make you realize how horrific and deadly war can be, no matter how sophisticated your apparatus may be…

How to unlock the game “forever”?

To claim your free permanent copy of the game, you just need log in GameSessions account you have created and download Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. You must play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep forever on the GameSessions’ platform, or more precisely, for the time GameSessions is to exist, which also depends on you…
You also have to activate the game before Wednesday 5 September (10:00 UTC), and know that the age limit is set to 17+!

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