NEWS ➢ Free Death Rally Classic (PC)

Remedy is celebrating its 25th anniversary by making their first game, Death Rally, forever free. From now on, the game will be free to play on Steam. The game was first released back in 1996 when it became a massive hit. It was about time though it went free given the outdated graphics and UI.

Free copy of Death Rally Classic

Game is now available free on the following Steam page: Players can then add the game to their library for free, right away or in the very distant future.

About Death Rally Classic

Death Rally is a 1996 retro vehicular combat racing video game developed by Remedy Entertainment. You start out from the bottom of the ranking list. Your objective: earn money in the fast-paced battle races. Fight hard for each precious championship point. Fellow competitors are showering you in a constant hail of bullets. Each race is deadly contest – a matter of life or death.

Posted on: September 12, 2020 - by Mike (admin)

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