NEWS ➢ Free Drones, The Human Condition on Steam (Win/Lin)

Indie Devs and publishers ninjainatux and Blunt Games are giving away free copies of their indie arcade twin stick bullet hell shooter Drones, The Human Condition on Steam (Windows and Linux) during a short 24-hour time window running until November 1st, 2021.

Where/How to claim the game for free

All you need to do is go to the Steam page ( before November 1st, 2021 to permanently add the game to your Steam library.

About Drones, The Human Condition

The game is a fine bullet hell shooter featuring arcade style gameplay, and is set in 2084 when Cloud 9 the world government body perfected armed AI Drones, a cloud controlled advanced robot species created from bio-mechanical material traded with alien races who influence power on earth. Guided by their infallible logic, the drones conclude: “the human race is draining the earth’s resources and therefore must be imprisoned and destroyed”.
You can save Humanity!

Posted on: October 31, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
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