NEWS ➢ Free Leisure Suit Larry 6 on Indiegala

The popular DRM-free and Indie games-friendly platform Indiegala has partnered with game publisher Assemble Entertainment to give away free copies of Leisure Suit Larry 6, a retro & humor infused point and click adventure game (rated mature) for PC. It isn’t known how long the giveaway will last, so better grab it ASAP.

Where/how to claim a free copy of Leisure Suit Larry 6

Anyone can get a free copy of Leisure Suit Larry 6 on IndieGala, at THIS PAGE. While the game is otherwise priced at around 4 USD, it is a fine adult and humor oriented adventure game that deserves a place in your game collection/library, if you are a fan of the genre. Moreover, this is a DRM-free version which allows you to transfer your copy anywhere you want and to duplicate it as much as you like (for your own use).
The game can either be added to an IndieGala account/library, or downloaded directly without an IndieGala account. It isn’t known how long the giveaway will be available for.

About Leisure Suit Larry 6

All the events from the previous games are forgotten. Larry is single, and his goal is to capture the interest of various ladies. By sheer coincidence, Larry finds himself on a TV Game Show called “Stallions”. He wins a weekend at the Spa Resort, La Costa Lotta. Naturally, there are some beautiful women in the spa who are just dreaming about such a wonderful, handsome man as Larry! Uh… or is it really so? It is the player’s goal to find out!

Posted on: August 13, 2022 - by Mike (admin)
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