NEWS ➢ Free MisBits EA Steam Keys (PC)

3BD GAMES is running a giveaway event for new players to get into the early access of MisBits (and beyond) for free on Steam (Windows). Sign-up instructions to get your free Steam key are outlined below. There should be enough Steam keys for everyone, but supplies are limited (first-come first-served).

Key Claim Instructions

You just need to fill in a form at the link below to get your FREE key to the full copy of the game, currently in Early Access (priced around $14).
Key Link:

About MisBits

MisBits is a riotous multiplayer, action-driven sandbox for warriors, builders, and creators alike. Head roll, body swap, and wield absurd pickups, through modes like Playhouse, Deathmatch, and Kickbrawl. Or build and edit games your way, with your rules. Just watch out for exploding chickens.

Posted on: March 22, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
Tags: giveaway, multiplayer, PC, PVP, sandbox, Windows

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