NEWS ➢ Free Street Kart Racing on the App Store

For a few days only, the No.1 kart racing simulation game for mobile, Street Kart Racing (iOS) will be given away for FREE for the very first time to celebrate the launch of the game’s 2023 season. After a few days the price will return to $2.99.

New Features

EPOCH 3 will release on 17 March 2023 with a brand new season of close, competitive action. New Features include:
Driver Sponsorships: Earn deals from leading brands like LeCont, Maxxis, IAME, BirelART, CRG, Kart Republic, and many more. Driver sponsorships now offer special deals if you can earn them. Tyre brands, Le Cont or Maxxis, for example offers regular discounted deals on tyres while CRG offers high reward in-game currency. To earn sponsorships drivers must have brand loyalty and be using a particular brand, and of course be winning heats. Those in good form will earn the deals, so time to get some practice in to perfect those racing lines!
Weekly Championship updates: Brand new tracks in the weekly format include a new tracks in Manila and Miami. They feature shorter, faster race loops and increasingly competitive events designed to enhance competitions and rivalries.

About Street Kart Racing

Usually priced $2.99, Street Kart Racing is the No.1 kart simulation game on mobile. The game features awesome physics, challenging, fun, rewarding gameplay, no driving assists, real racing tiers up to 80 mph, and much more.

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