NEWS ➢ Free-to-play Edition of Seeking Dawn Coming October 27

Studio Multiverse have announced that a free-to-play edition of their VR shooter game Seeking Dawn will be released on Steam on October 27th, just 3 months after its release as a paid title. Not much in known at this stage about the content of that F2P edition, but it is time to dive into the little data available at to get a clearer picture of what may be going on.

Seeking Dawn Since Release

Seeking Dawn is a very gorgeous-looking indie VR game offering both single-player and coop gameplay. The game is priced relatively high ($30.99) but that would seem just about right by the compelling look of it. However, Seeking Dawn has fallen short of many players’ expectations, as can be observed from the mixed reviews submitted by players on Steam, which currently stand at 55% positive on average.

Seeking Dawn screenshot

The main concerns raised by some players include performance issues (could be better optimized), non-intuitive gameplay (could be better explained), better tuned mechanics (survival aspect and progression could be more meaningful and engaging). That said, all positive reviews do recommend the game for reasons that outweigh the negative ones, citing the amazing graphics and art, a vast area to explore across a very detailed environment, and good shooting mechanics among other aspects which tend to guarantee anyone a high level of immersion.

Upcoming Free-to-play Edition

The Free-to-play Edition was announced simply by way of a new game submission on Steam, the content of which is merely copy-paste of the standard version page, hence containing no information that is specific to that free-to-play version. Does that mean the free-to-play version will offer the exact same features as the standard $30.99 copy? That’s hard to believe.

We have contacted Multiverse Entertainment and are hoping to get some details prior to release as we just can’t wait to find out. Their answer will be posted here.

In the meantime, the profile picture of the free edition on Steam has changed to a Halloween-themed one. This could mean that the free edition will be a full version of the game running during a time-limited Halloween event, but this remains pure speculation.

Here is the Free-to-play Steam Page: Seeking_Dawn_Free_to_Play_Edition
Here is the Standard Steam Page for comparison: Seeking_Dawn

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