NEWS ➢ Free World of Warships Exclusive Starter Pack (PC)

Wargaming is currently running a giveaway event for free-to-play naval MMO game World of Warships (Windows) on the Steam store until November 22, 2021, offering free starter packs normally sold around $25.

About the World of Warship Exclusive Starter Pack

The Steam-only starter pack contains the following:
Ishizuchi: Get a magnificent Premium Japanese Tier IV battleship! She is perfectly balanced for a comfortable start, with high speed and an impressive artillery. Note that Premium ships are unique and fully equipped, in addition to other benefits such as XP conversion, no penalties for Commander’s transfer, etc.
Port slot: Don’t worry about a lack of space in your port!
Commander with 6 skill points: Hire a professional who can learn a variety of useful skills to enhance the performance of your ship. You can tune your gameplay style by distributing the points how you see fit!
Main Armaments Mod I: An upgrade that increases survivability and accelerates repairs of the main battery and (if you mount it on a ship which has them) torpedo tubes.
Damage Control System mod I: An upgrade that reduces the risk of flooding or fires.
5x Steam containers: Exclusive boxes that grant three random items from the list below:
One of the following:
5× Steam camouflage patterns
10,000 Free XP
250 doubloons
1 day of Warships Premium Account
5× signal flags: Zulu or Zulu Hotel or Papa Papa
5× signal flags: Juliet Charlie or November Foxtrot
25x Steam camouflages: Unique Steam-exclusive designs that provide nice bonuses, such as
+75% ship XP per battle
+75% Сommander XP per battle
+75% Free XP per battle
–3% to the ship’s detectability range by sea
+4% to the dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship

How to unlock World of Warship Exclusive Starter Pack

All you need to do is go to the Epic’s page to claim the free game content pack.

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