NEWS ➢ GOG’s Giveaway of Ascendant (PC, Mac & Linux)

Beat ’em up game Ascendant (Windows, Mac & Linux) is free to download (until an unspecified date) and keep forever, courtesy of Hapa Games and, a global online game retailer of DRM-free games (games that always remain fully yours, no matter what).

About the Ascendant Giveaway

Ascendant is offered in the simplest of forms. There are no requirements from GOG to get the game for free other than registering on in order to add the free product to your cart, before being able to download it straight away, or at anytime, for good. The free game can be found at

About Ascendant

Ascendant is a beat ’em up game with single-player and local coop gameplay. In Ascendant, the players are demigods invading a world controlled by rivals. Choose your fate by discovering Blessings, equipping mighty weapons and spells, and learning to survive in this brutal realm. Only the most impressive warriors have a chance of victory.

Posted on: June 3, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
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