NEWS ➢ Hearthstone Reveals Some of the 135 Cards Coming Dec 4

Hearthstone‘s Lead Designer Dean Ayala and Hearthstone streamer Brian Kibler have been commissioned by Blizzard to reveal live on Twitch many of the cards that will be part of the expansion due next week, Rastakhan’s Rumble. Here is the replay, and a quick overview of the freebies involved.

The new cards showed off during the stream included the Hunter Loa and Spirit combo – the Legendary loa Halazzi, the Lynx and its accompanying Spirit – Spirit of the Lynx.

“When played, the great lynx’s Battlecry fills the player’s hand with 1/1 Lynxes that have Rush. An even more paw-erful combo can be executed with the help of Halazzi’s accompanying Spirit, Spirit of the Lynx. While on the board, this Spirit gives +1/+1 to every beast that’s summoned, allowing players to quickly field a fleet of felines.”

Any Freebies to Expect?

While the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion comes with paid packs: a 17-pack Challenger’s Bundle and the 50-pack Rumble Bundle, every player will be entitled to some freebies. When Rastakhan’s Rumble launches on December 4, players can simply log in to claim a free Legendary Loa, two Spirit cards from the same class, and six Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs.

More details about the expansion can be found on the official Expansion page

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