NEWS ➢ IGN’s Giveaway of Drone Strike Force (PC)

Online gaming magazine IGN has partnered with game developer & publisher Odisi Games to give free copies of multiplayer shooting game Drone Strike Force (PC). The number of copies being given away isn’t known, so there may not be any left tomorrow.

The Drone Strike Force Giveaway

The game, a challenging online shooter with three-dimensional gameplay for competitive, skill-based combat with drones, and a nice gift otherwise sold $20, can be claimed via IGN’s website for Steam Windows directly at Note that you’ll need to have or create a IGN account to get a game key from them. Once the key retrieved, head over to the Steam website and redeem your key to add the game to your Steam library.

About IGN

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Posted on: September 20, 2019 - by Mike (admin)
Tags: multiplayer, Sci-fi, shooter, Windows

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