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Marvel Heroes Review

Free (except for fanboys), snappy and satisfying gameplay if you crave to wipe out hordes of henchmen, a comprehensive pool of characters (more with team-ups), graphics overhaul with 2017 update. An excellent and well-tried MMO Arpg.


The characters and animations are well designed and remain true to the general Marvel universe and feel. Thanks to its recent port-over to PS4 and Xbox One consoles, Marvel Heroes has benefited from a global graphics overhaul early 2017.


Everything you would expect or desire from an ARPG is there and neatly designed, and the same holds true for its MMO aspects. Overall gameplay is smooth, snappy and satisfying, and places don't get overcrowded.

Replay value

Marvel heroes is and always will be an ever expanding and entertaining title. Its recent PS4 and Xbox One installments are there to prove it. However, and overall, the recent undesired changes made to the PC version have considerably undermined player satisfaction. Replay value seems to have dropped from a 100% high to a low 5% overnight.


Marvel Heroes features engaging and well polished music and sound effects as well as a wide variety of voice acting for each character. That said, given the repetitive nature of the game, the audio can get a bit annoying past a certain point, especially while using headphones.

Free-to-play model

You are free to experience the entire game without pouring in any money. If you choose, you can shop in the in-game store for even more heroes and items (costumes, bank storage, pets and xp boosting potions)