NEWS ➢ Metroidvania Game Windmills is F2P on GX until December

Metroidvania platform game Windmills, made with GameMaker for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) by indie Greek studio Poor Locke, is free to play on (using the Opera GX browser) for three months before it reaches other platforms as a paid title on December 05, 2022.

What is Windmills?

Windmills is a metroidvania type of platform game for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux). You will have to fight dangerous monsters and the only thing you can rely on are your abilities.
The combat system is based on suppressing, deflecting, dodging and parrying. As you progress through the story, more mechanics are unlocked, giving you more options for combat and exploration. A big part of the mechanics are the reversals. Deflecting at the right time or parrying projectile spells, gives the player extraordinary abilities for a small amount of time. For example you can parry a lightning spell and charge your next attack with the element of lightning.

What is GX.Games?

GX.Games is a browser gaming website dedicated to indie games made with GameMaker. Users can play games featured on GX.Games using the Opera GX browser (more below), which needs to be installed first. As a way to promote their platform, GX.Games is making some of the games available for free, several months before their paid release on other platforms (e.g. Steam, Epic Games).

The games available on are cool indie games that you can dive into whenever you have a break or some spare time. This is why millions of users have already experienced top-end indie games like Chronicon, Seals of Bygone, Tunnel of Doom, Totemlands and Dyo for free, since we introduced monthly free games back in the summer. For October, we’re taking things to the next level and giving users exclusive access to Windmills, before its launch on other platforms next year” said Mattijs de Valk, VP Content Acquisition at Opera.

Offering Windmills exclusively, demonstrates the unique strength of the, GameMaker and Opera GX ecosystem, which has been forged to support creators throughout every step of the development process and connecting those games straight into our audience of over 17 million gamers on Opera GX” he added.

What is Opera GX?

Games available and playable on require Opera GX – a gaming version of the Opera browser. Opera GX offers a great deal of customization options for gamers wishing to play via their browser including color themes, sound effects, background music, and a gaming-inspired design, on top of its CPU, RAM and Network Bandwidth limiters designed to allocate more of your system resources to the game that is being run. The browser also includes a Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets users “kill” the most resource-draining tabs, and GX Cleaner to purge those old unwanted files.

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