NEWS ➢ Microsoft’s Giveaway of Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360)

The Microsoft Store is giving away free copies of action role-playing game Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360), until an unspecified date. The game can be downloaded directly via Microsoft’s store.

The Crackdown 2 Giveaway

The game, an OK gift otherwise sold from $15 (Microsoft Store), can be downloaded Free on Xbox 360 directly from the Windows store at …….

About Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Realtime Worlds (Mr David Jones) and distributed by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360. Set in the fictional open world named Pacific City, the player controls a biologically enhanced Agent, tasked with defeating three crime lords and their organized crime syndicates in a rather free open-world setting. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode via Xbox Live.

Posted on: June 19, 2020 - by Mike (admin)

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