NEWS ➢ Multiplayer Added to Danger Darrel (iOS & Android)

Hoonaya Games have announced the new beta multiplayer update for their free-to-play mobile 3D arcade flying adventure – Danger Darrel. Four players can now compete in one match and share their results on a global leaderboard.

Multiplayer Update

The new update lands global matchmaking for up to four players to compete in one match in fancy bullet battles in the air. Successfully shoot your opponent to slow their flight speed while making your way through the obstacles to win the race.

Other Game Features

– A constantly changing environment with various dynamic and unexpected challenges
– Multiple leaderboards to compete with friends and other global players
– Level-up and unlock a range of aircraft with unique flying mechanics including maneuverability, turning speeds and weapons
– Collect multiple skins and gadgets to personalise your game.

More to come

Danger Darrel is the first title from solo indie developer, Philip Zeitler, who stated that as the game continues to ‘take-off’, much more will be implemented :

“Multiplayer is just the start, there is so much more I want to do! This means more maps, more planes, more skins along with other new modes and features such as friends matchmaking. I am really excited for multiplayer which was a real challenge and now it’s about how far I can take this game!”

For more info, visit the studio’s website at

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