NEWS ➢ Nanoo Gives $30 Worth of Souls to Dark Sword Players

Nanoo Company is giving out $30 USD worth of in-game currency (Souls) to players of its F2P mobile ARPG, Dark Sword, over a 1-month event starting today, October 18, to celebrate its 10 million DL milestone, and maybe as a way to reinject some f2p love into a game that recently faced criticism in that respect.

Dark Sword celebrates with Soul giveaways

Dark Sword and its F2P System

Since its global launch in 2016, Dark Sword has been featured on Google Play and Apple App Store in 64 countries, and ranked #1 in popularity in 57 countries. The main features of Dark Sword are its simple, yet unique silhouette graphics, its single-player side-scrolling RPG experience, and its fast-paced combat. The game maintains players’ interests with RPG growth elements, as well as rich game contents and PvP modes through regular updates, resulting in consistent increase in the user pool and a total of 10-million downloads worldwide recently.

Dark Sword’s F2P model has generally been viewed favorably by players, consisting in rewarding in-game ad viewing with in-game gifts, to compensate for otherwise pricey shop items. The balance seemed right for most players, even making grinding and farming still enjoyable to an extent, until players stopped getting those rewards mid 2018 and started realizing how expensive or tedious progression had become.

Dark Sword Celebration Gifts

To celebrate Dark Sword’s 10 million downloads and to express gratitude to all the users, Nanoo Company will give out $30 USD worth of free in-game currency, otherwise known as ‘souls’, and more over the course of a 1-month period, starting today, October 18th, and consisting of 2 different Events:

  • EVENT 1 – 1,000 Souls Event:
    -Free Souls worth about $30 USD will be given out to everyone.
    -Check the in-game inbox for the free souls during the event period.
    -The event period is from 10/18 to 11/30.
    -Use the souls within the event period as they will not be available after 11/30.
  • EVENT 2 – 10 Million Share Event:
    On top of the 1,000 Souls, more will be provided to players depending on the number of times the event post is shared by players. Players must share this dedicated 10 Million Download Event post to max out the giveaway count.
    For every share number reached, free souls will be issued the next day: 20 Shares > 20 Souls ; 50 Shares > 90 Souls ; 80 Shares > 300 Souls, etc.

More details about the Giveaway Event can be found on the official Update page.

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