NEWS ➢ New F2P Action MMORPG Wayfinder Revealed

Digital Extremes have revealed their new MMO ARPG Wayfinder during The Game Awards 2022. Wayfinder will be available for free in 2023 on PC (Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

About Wayfinder

Published by Digital Extremes (Warframe, Soulframe) and developed by Airship Syndicate (Darksiders Genesis, Ruined King: A LOL Story), Wayfinder is a fantasy MMOARPG (massively multiplayer action role-playing game) with a strong focus on cooperative play. The game will feature 6 storied characters at launch, each having their unique playstyles and abilities, housing, crafting and in-depth lore: “On every hunt and expedition into the Gloom you’ll discover new locations, beasts and materials. Use them to craft new weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders. Collect every weapon and housing item, read every book, and discover all the locations to complete your Atlas and increase your mastery.

Beta Registration

Wayfinder has already started hosting beta tests. Interested gamers can now sign up on the game’s website ( to play in one of their upcoming beta tests and help improve the game and stay informed.

Wayfinder Links

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