NEWS ➢ New F2P Coop ARPG Project Skies Announced – Alpha Signup

Elodie Games, a recently formed studio of industry veterans from top studios such as Riot Games, Blizzard and BioWare have announced their first game, code named Project Skies, a free-to-play co-op action-RPG featuring crossplay between PC, mobile and console. Pre-alpha playtests registration now open.


Project Skies is a social co-op action RPG game with deep progression and replayability. Players take control of iconic champions and explore the vibrant, uplifting fantasy universe of Project Skies. The gameplay experience is deeply co-op and seeks to bring you and your friends closer together through both casual and competitive play.

Project Skies draws inspiration from the many RPG, MMO, and MOBA games our team members have worked on such as League of Legends, LoL: Wild Rift, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, the Mass Effect series, and Dragon Age.

Project Skies is being built as a fully crossplay experience. Our gameplay, art direction, and underlying technology come together to create an experience that feels fully featured and native on every platform we support. This, along with our co-op gameplay, brings players together, regardless of platform preference. Of course, players can switch platforms at any time while retaining their full progress.

Pre-Alpha Registration

Project Skies is still early in development but players are can register now to participate in upcoming pre-alpha playtests on both PC and mobile devices. “If you’re ready for the next great adventure you can share with your friends, please register for our pre-alpha at”

Spaces in the pre-alpha will be limited initially, but we will ramp up the frequency and size of our playtests throughout the year. Those who register will be alerted via email when a spot opens up.

We will be sharing more details about our game as well as job openings on our Twitter (@elodie_games) and Instagram (@elodie_games).

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