NEWS ➢ New F2P MMORPG TalesWeaver M Trailer (Mobile)

Global F2P games leader Nexon today unveiled details on new games in development at the company’s studios in Seoul, South Korea, including TalesWeaver M, a free-to-play isometric MMORPG similar to games like Trickster Online, NosTale or Dofus.

About TalesWeaver M

‘Tales Weaver M’, which many users have been waiting for, is accelerating its development based on the contents and graphics of Nexon’s representative online RPG ‘Tales Weaver’, which celebrated its 18th anniversary this year. The solid story of the original has been further strengthened and ported to mobile, and you can feel the emotion more vividly by adding an upgraded directing effect.

TalesWeaver M Release

TalesWeaver M is under active development and will first launch in South Korea with closed beta tests starting end of 2021.
Planned supported operating systems include Android and iOS, but given the interest shown by the PC community, it is hoped that the game will be playable on PC without any emulator.

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