NEWS ➢ New F2P PVP Game Warhaven Global Test & Reveal Trailer

Upcoming free to play sword and magic PVP game Warhaven for PC (Windows) by Nexon, formerly known as Project HP, has opened registration for its upcoming October global beta test, alongside the release of a brand new reveal trailer.

Global Beta Test

Players can now register for the upcoming Global Beta Test set to take place from October 12th through to November 2nd on Steam. Players participating in the test will be able to try three different game modes across what they call The Holy Grounds (see below).

More details about Warhaven

Warhaven is set in a medieval-fantasy world where players compete in fast paced, fierce 16v16 hack & slash battles. The game features a variety of medieval weaponry including ballistae, cannons, and siege engines to cut through opposing forces. On the fantasy side, soldiers can morph into supernatural beings known as Immortals who are endowed with god-like, magical abilities including flying.
Three game modes will be available at launch:
Storm pits players in brutal battles on Mochabarg, a castle divided by a destroyed bridge. Combatants must vie for control of the bridge and weaken the enemy forces in order to claim victory.
Skirmish is a ruthless struggle where players will fight and attempt to capture enemy bases on Paden.
Convoy pits players in the largest battleground arena, which will be more focused on strategic planning and action.

Official Game Website:

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