NEWS ➢ New F2P Web3 Racing Game Rumble Racing Star Announced

Developed by Delabs, the web3 arm of 4:33 Creative Lab, Rumble Racing Star is an arcade racing title with a web3 layer hosted on the Polygon blockchain, allowing players to fully own in-game digital assets earned or purchased, and to freely collect, exchange, or trade them on NFT marketplaces.

Gameplay Aspects

Rumble Racing Star is very similar to Mario Kart, and created by the same veteran developers of popular title KartRider, but comes with its own variety of characters, maps, vehicles and abilities. It has a rather modern look and feel with vivid colors and high-fidelity visuals. With the integration of web3, players can customize their karts, drivers, and profile pictures (PFPs) extensively, all available in the form of NFTs, which may be bought or earned as in-game rewards.

Blockchain/NFT Aspects

Rumble Racing Star integrates blockchain and NFT technologies to increase and enhance customization, resulting in “robust and inclusive social interaction aspects”. Players can acquire NFT-based customization items via microtransactions and/or numerous in-game activities, including events and airdrops, tournaments, and missions. NFTs are fully owned by players and can be freely traded on decentralized marketplaces. RRS players will be able to link their existing blockchain wallet or easily make a new one directly in the game.

Pay-to-Win or F2P-friendly?

Delabs have stated that Rumble Racing Star will not be pay-to-win, as in-game NFT assets don’t provide any direct racing advantage to their owners, with non-NFT karts having their own equally powerful upgrades, modifications, and cosmetics. However, the amount of free content being unknown at this stage, it is yet to be confirmed whether the game will be that F2P-friendly.

A hands-on PC demo of Rumble Racing Star will be available to all visitors of the Game Developers Conference 2023, held in San Francisco, at the Polygon booth on March 23-24.

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