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Path of Exile Review

Forceful Diablo-like RPG set in pure gloominess, with neat graphics, massive yet user-friendly interface, fully immersive soundtrack, extremely destructive powers, dispensable but well-stocked in-game shop for collectors. A Hack 'n' slash must-try!


Very neat and polished dark fantasy themed graphics, artwork and character animations across a comprehensive array of worlds. Very well optimized, Path of Exile will run on virtually any low-end laptop or desktop computer.


Path of Exile boasts a typical, yet enhanced Hack 'n' slash gameplay with fast-paced and skill-based combat (unlike many), virtually endless combinations to grow your character across an absurdly intricate skill tree, a fantastic crafting/currency/trading system that keeps grinding highly rewarding.

Replay value

POE has created an innovative way of increasing replay value with map drop items (normal to magic) opening numerous portals to areas with various modifiers affecting the size or complexity of the level, monster packs, monster properties or even alter characters while in the level. New skills and uniques also get implemented frequently.


PoE has done very well to ensure that its soundtrack immerses players even deeper in the realm of its creepiness. Great dark-fantasy music and sound effects await you, and the voice acting is... (no spoiler).

Free-to-play model

POE is committed to creating a fair playing field for all players. You cannot gain gameplay advantage by spending real money in Path of Exile. The ingame store is highly dispensable, yet fairly well-stocked with cosmetics and collectibles for avid wearers and collectors. POE may actually be considered the most generous game in history.