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PlanetSide 2 Review

As of 2017, PlanetSide 2 remains the best and most comprehensive MMOFPS experience ever created to this day. Total and non-stop sci-fi immersion into air/ground/building warfare on a massive scale. Do I even need to mention it's free?


Planetside 2 allows you to enjoy state-of-the-art 3D graphics on a low-end desktop PC. The Forgelight Engine also produces realistic weather and day/night cycles as well as volumetric fog and clouds to use as possible hideouts. Breathtaking show, especially by night when dozens of vehicles and aircraft from each side illuminate the ground and sky with hundreds of intermediate-range missiles fired at once.


Planetside 2 offers an immersive day/night territory control experience in a massive open-world, sparking large class-based battles involving up to 2,000 players on foot or in armed land/air vehicles. If you prefer a more tactical gameplay, you will be thrilled to bits when going solo or with a small squad on a mission to hack and taker over enemy bases that have been left unattended, away from mass confrontation.

Replay value

The replay value of Planetside 2 is top-notch and maxed out by its highly rewarding and engaging, albeit grindy, level-up system, which is tied to your in-game performance. Earn valuable credits with frags and more with head shots, to be spent eagerly on a huge variety of weapons, vehicles, and truly empowering upgrades.

Free-to-play model

Planetside 2's boasts an excellent freemium business model. The grinding to get progression going in terms of armor and weapon upgrades is rather long and tedious, but this can be seen as a positive, rewarding feature. Being low-leveled in Planetside 2 means you are weak compared to both those who have purchased items and upgrades and those who have played long enough to afford it without paying. In both cases, fun is guaranteed all the way up to the top of the learning and level-up curves. Also, bear in mind that a substantial part of the game boils down to carrying out smart, tactical moves.