NEWS ➢ PVP Mechs Shooter Galahad 3093 Now F2P on Steam

Simutronics Corp. have made their multiplayer mechs shooter Galahad 3093 free to play on PC (Windows) via Steam. The game is still in early access, under active development, and positively reviewed thus far. It is hoped that the F2P move will bring more people in the game’s 12v12 arenas.

F2P Release

Galahad 3093 is a tactical hero FPS (first person shooter) for PC where Knights of Arthurian legend clash in highly customizable giant mechs known as “Lances” across 12v12 vertical sci-fi arenas. The game was released in Early Access on Sep 1st, 2022 on Steam before transitioning to F2P on October 22, 2022.

Going to a free to play model will allow many more people the opportunity to play the game. They get to see first hand what we’ve crafted together and become part of the community voice moving forward towards full release. Now is the perfect chance to message your friends who were on the edge to come see what GALAHAD 3093 has to offer!” stated the Galahad 3093 Team

Positively Reviewed EA

The game has received positive reviews overall while still in its debut. Players praise the game for its fun, fast paced, arcade-style mechs gameplay, its detailed and in-depth levelling system, great sound effects, and large variety of customizable mechs and builds.

Steam: link

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